The RhinoStop® Story

Developed by Safe Direction, the RhinoStop® range of modular crash barriers are the latest innovation and advancement in car park & warehouse barrier designs.

RhinoStop posts are significantly stronger than similarly sized and anchored rigid posts. All RhinoStop® barriers incorporate a unique patented yielding base plate that minimises the peak loads transferred to post anchors.

The defining feature of RhinoStop® posts are the long cuts in the base plate breaking the plate into three fingers connected by a common stem. Upon impact from a vehicle, a plastic hinge will form at the location where the fingers that the post is mounted to begins to rotate backwards. This deformation serves two primary functions:

  1. The load capacity of the plastic hinge is designed to be less than the pull-out capacity of the anchor bolt; and 
  2. The deflection of the system allows for greater load transfer to adjacent posts thereby sharing the impact load from the vehicle.