Australia's leading brand of car park and warehouse barrier systems

rhino stop safety barriers

30kN, Type F compliance. Economical solution designed for car park perimeter or split-level areas. Regularly used adjacent to pedestrian pathways with a handrail attachment.

rhino stop elite safety barrier

40kN Type G and 30kN Type F compliance. Best in class car park barrier protection. Combined vehicle and pedestrian barrier.  Aesthetically pleasing.

rhino stop 240 safety barrier

240kN, Type F compliance. Ideal solution for opposite down ramps, at the end of parking aisles or protection of valuable assets.

rhino stop sky edge safety barrier

30kN, Type F compliance. Positioned on the outside edge of the concrete deck providing zero footprint with no encroachment into the carparking space.

rhino stop screen

30kN, Type F compliance. Providing floor to ceiling anti-climb protection. Ideal solution for railway & hospital carparks.

rhino stop truck guard

40kN Type G compliance. Designed for heavy vehicle impacts. Ideal solution for loading docks, warehouses and freight depots.

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RHINO-STOP® products are designed and manufactured by Australian owned and operated company Safe Direction. Founded in Sydney in 2012, Safe Direction have a strong focus on research and constantly developing new products to set the standards in the road safety industry – all Safe Direction® products are crash tested to ensure compliance with local and international standards and can be used in various applications and environments.

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