Impact Compliance

The various RhinoStop® systems have been crash test validated to exceed the vehicle impact loads described in AS/NZS 1170.1, Clause 3.8.

Safe Direction’s underlying philosophy in the full-scale crash testing of RhinoStop® is that of “worst practical conditions.” When selecting test parameters, such as the impact speed, point of impact and barrier length, every effort is made to evaluate the worst, or most critical, conditions.

Therefore, Safe Direction has adopted the following crash test arrangements:

  • Posts are installed on the edge of 150mm thick, suspended concrete slabs. This configuration thoroughly evaluates the potential for concrete edge failure and the suitability of anchor embedment depths.
  • Vehicle impacts are performed at up to twice the speed nominated by the Standard.
  • Short-length barrier systems, designed to distribute the impact load on fewer posts and produce the largest system deflection.
  • Impacts performed at the end of the barrier system to maximise loading on the end post.